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Shortly after the debut of Ticklish Guys Online, It became obvious that the chaotic "tickle cell" method of content production was unsustainable. Wisconsin had driving me near insane with ever-moving lines of extortionate ultimatums, the ew0ks were trying to movie either to Maui or Canada and kept disapearing for weeks att a time, Maui had imploded and pretty much every other cell was in a state of insanity. We started with a NY-based producer (Chip) but that didnt work out. I had met Kevin in my work in adult films and knew him to be a no-nonsense taskmaster who was known for never getting a bad shot. He was also known for eating managmement alive and so there was a certain thrill in that prospect. Sure enough, Wisconsin refused to ship our new equipment back, as did the aborted "West Hollywood" cell and so the first few shoots with Kevin were done using a truly crappy camera that had been bought for Orange County but somehow had not been shipped) and so even though the early stuff here is remastered, the original master quality is sometimes spotty. We are releasing this footage in no particular order, though we decided to start with mostly older stuff. Many consider this to be the golden era of our work with models like Tiny Emo, The Holy Grom, Beezer, Tim Vanderbuilt, Probster as well as the remaining talent from the various closed cells that werent a screaming pain in the ass. We started to send Kevin around the world, and launched a half dozen distinctt studios during this period including the London Lads, the Marines, Probster and a few other things before closing shop. Next would come Gold Coast (Filmjed by me as Kevin took a year long break (never again) Kevin would return to wrap up Gold Coast and launch Jane O'Brien Media and help with the various other studios that we havent yet debuted here yet.

20101-Aaron ITV (1hr 31 min)
Click here for this video
20102- Kit ITV "Kit's First Time" (1hr 30 min)
Click here for this video
20103- Andy ITV (1hr 30 min)
Click here for this video
20104- The Skater- FastTrack (40min)
Click here for this video
20105- Tim Vanderbuilt ITV (1hr 30 min)
Click here for this video
20106- Colin ITV (1hr 30 min)
Click here for this video
20107- Irish Kevin ITV (1hr 31min)
Click here for this video
20108- The Return of Joshua Q. (1hr 28min)
Click here for this video
20109- Tim Spicers (1hr 17min)
Click here for this video
201010- Mason ew0k Returns (20min)
Click here for this video
201011- Mason ew0k Gang Tickled (56min) MMF/M
Click here for this video
201012- Dual Audition (34min)
Click here for this video
201013- Corey ITV (1hr 36min)
Click here for this video
201014- "Meet Chris" (30min)
Click here for this video
201015- "Kit's Second Shoot" (1hr 7min)
Click here for this video

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